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Many people do not realize how serious motor scooter accidents can be. While motor scooters do not travel as fast as motorcycles do, they are vehicles and still exposed riders to more damage than a car would. If you have been injured in a motor scooter accident, seek the services of a skilled accident attorney. A Denver motor scooter accident lawyer could devote the time and resources necessary to achieve a positive outcome for you.

Motor Scooter Laws in Denver

If the motor scooter is operating on the roadway with other motorized vehicles, they must adhere to the rules of the road and then they must follow all traffic control legends. A motor scooter is held to the same standard as other personal motorized vehicles on the roadway.

As a motor scooter accident attorney could further explain, in Denver, a 50 cc scooter requires a $5, three-year registration. An individual does not need an additional driver’s license. Scooters above 50 cc require a license plate and a motorcycle’s license. The scooter must be parked on street parking. Although they do not require riders and passengers above 18 to wear a helmet, all riders and passengers are required to wear some form of eye protection.

Similarities and Differences in Motor Scooter and Motorcycle Laws

Motor scooters under 50 cc require a $5, three-year registration, one does not need an additional N-endorsement for licenses with a motor scooter and if the motor scooter is below 50 cc, a license plate is not required. A motorcycle is usually above 50 cc and the driver needs an N-endorsement on the driver’s license to lawfully operate a motorcycle on the roadway.

Both operators of a motor scooter and motorcycle must adhere to the rules of the road and they must adhere to all traffic control legends. Second, both must wear some type of adequate eye protection and helmets are optional but recommended above the age of 18.

Differences Between Motor Scooters and Motorcycles

Though motor scooters are usually smaller than motorcycles, motor scooters are slower, lighter than a motorcycle. A motor scooter above 50 cc needs a license plate and an endorsement on an individual’s driver’s license but a smaller scooter that has less than 50 cc does not need a license plate or a special N-endorsement on the driver’s license. All one needs is a regular driver’s license endorsement.

Danger of Motor Scooters

Motor scooters are slower and lighter. This makes the motor scooter more dangerous because there are instances where they cannot keep up with the flow of traffic. This causes them to pose a danger not only to the operator of the motor scooter but also to the other drivers on the road.

Secondly, Denver attorneys know people who operate a motor scooter tend to not wear helmets because they believe the motor scooter is slower. The problem becomes when a collision does occur, the operator of a motor scooter will face more serious injuries because they are not wearing a helmet.

Insurance Requirements Surrounding Motor Scooters

All motor scooter operators must carry proof of insurance. The minimum limit one must carry in the State of Colorado is 25, 50, 15. That is $25,000 for persons, $50,000 per occurrence and $15,000 towards property damage. The penalties for operating a motor scooter with no proof of insurance is a minimum fine of $500 and four points added to the driving record and possible suspension for a first offense. A seasoned attorney could further explain minimum insurance requirements for motor scooter operators and other motorists in Denver.

Common Motor Scooter Injuries

Operators of motor scooters who are involved in an accident can expect to sustain injuries as minimal as scrapes and bruises and abrasions and as severe as broken, fractured bones, a traumatic brain injury and, quite possibly, death. A Denver motor scooter accident attorney could help an individual pursue damages for any injury they might sustain.

A motorcyclist can expect to suffer injuries more severe than an individual operating a motor scooter. The reason for the more serious injury is directly related to speed, weight, and operation of a motorcycle. A motorcycle is usually more powerful and can travel at a high rate of speed whereas a motor scooter lacks the capability of travel at that speed. Therefore, if a motorcycle were to be involved in an accident, it would usually be more severe.

How an Attorney Might Handle a Motor Scooter Accident Case vs a Motorcycle Accident Case

A Denver lawyer would handle motor scooter accident cases and motorcycle accident cases the same way. They first find the at-fault party, set up a claim with their insurance company, give the insurance company updates as the treatment of the injured party progresses. The only difference would be hiring a different expert to testify to the type of power a motor scooter has versus a motorcycle. The expert would talk about the speed of a motor scooter, how fast it travels, the amount of space it would need to get to a determined speed and things of that nature.

The defense would argue that the motor scooter traveling at a slower rate of speed should not have injuries like someone traveling on a motorcycle which operates at a faster speed. Because a motor scooter travels slower, they are usually going to have less severe injuries than someone who is operating a motorcycle.

Consult a Denver Motor Scooter Accident Attorney

Motor scooter accidents can result in serious injuries. If you have sustained an injury due to a motor scooter collision, it is important to consult an attorney. Your lawyer could help you recover the damages that you deserve for your injuries.

It is important to work with an attorney that has extensive experience in handling these types of cases as it is important to do all the legwork to ensure that you are afforded the relief that you deserve. An attorney has the capability to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party and hold them accountable for their negligent actions. Speak with a skilled Denver motor scooter accident lawyer that could advocate for you.

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