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Prescription drugs are a staple of the modern medical industry, helping millions of people across the globe recover from painful and unpleasant illnesses and injuries each year. Periodically, though, these marvels of modern medical engineering can do more harm than good, as any experienced personal injury attorney could unfortunately attest.

Dangerous drugs, as their name implies, have a negative impact on the health of consumers, and unfortunately, many pharmaceutical companies know about potential deadly flaws and side effects prior to releasing such harmful products on the market. If you were injured by such a drug, you may be able to take legal action with the help of a Lakewood dangerous drugs lawyer.

How Are Dangerous Drugs a Threat?

Pharmaceutical companies have a legal obligation to ensure that the products they release are thoroughly tested and safe for human consumption. Releasing drugs too early or with too little testing can be a serious mistake, and unfortunately, such a mistake may place the life of numerous patients at risk.

In general, dangerous drugs tend to be dangerous for one or more of the following reasons:

  • There is a manufacturer error the pharmaceutical company is unaware of
  • The drug or medical product has a dangerous design flaw
  • The drug company failed to warn medical professionals, pharmacies, and consumers about possible side effects

Drug companies are required to rigorously test drugs, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) imposes remarkably high safety standards to reinforce this obligation. However, many companies remain more concerned about profits than consumer health and cut corners wherever they can.

What is the Problem With Off-Label Prescribing?

When the FDA approves a drug, they approve only to treat specifically named illnesses and injuries. Sometimes, though, medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies discover that a drug can treat illnesses it was not approved to treat.

Using a drug in this manner is known as off-label prescribing, and although it can be helpful to some patients, the long-term efficacy of the drug to treat the “off-label” problem is usually unresearched. Unfortunately, pharmaceutical representatives often push doctors and medical facilities to use such drugs for these purposes without discussing potential deadly side effects. As a result, prescribing new drugs for off-label purposes is often more dangerous than prescribing older, more established drugs. For more information, contact a Lakewood dangerous drugs lawyer.

Holding Pharmaceutical Companies Accountable

The physical and mental effects of dangerous drugs can be long-lasting for patients and their families. Often, when a patient takes a dangerous drug, they are already suffering or recovering from a serious illness or injury, and the dangerous drug only makes the symptoms significantly worse. In some cases, a dangerous drug can even cause a patient to develop a new condition which may be worse the initial condition the drug was prescribed to treat.

For working families, this means more medical bills and more emotional suffering, especially if the dangerous drug results in the death of a loved one. However, if a patient and their Lakewood dangerous drugs lawyer can prove they were injured by a dangerous drug, the patient may find they are entitled to substantial monetary compensation.

Contacting a Lakewood Dangerous Drugs Attorney

If you or someone you care about suffered injury from a dangerous drug, you may be able to hold the manufacturer legally accountable in court. Pharmaceutical companies have an obligation to ensure their products are safe, and if they are not, they should take the necessary steps to remove the products from the market. Contact a Lakewood dangerous drugs lawyer now for more information.

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