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Dangerous products pose a threat to all consumers, and if a dangerous product is released on the market, its manufacturer should be held legally accountable for any damages to consumers that result. If you or a loved one suffered injury due to a dangerous product, you may be able to get compensation for your pain and suffering with the help of a Lakewood defective products lawyer.

Federal laws require products to undergo rigorous testing and inspection before they are released on the market, and when a company fails to take these laws seriously, it endangers the health and well-being of countless consumers. A skilled personal injury attorney could help you and your family get the justice you deserve.

How Does a Product Become a Threat to the Public?

Defective products come in a myriad of forms, but most of the time they cause harm because their manufacturers failed to warn consumers about potentially dangerous design flaws. As long as consumers use a product as it is intended, they may be able to hold the manufacturer of the product liable if they are injured while using it.

Products often become a threat to the public when:

  • Manufacturers fail to perform adequate safety tests
  • Certain products are not built in accordance to plans or specifications
  • A company does not properly inspect its products prior to releasing them
  • Manufacturers release subpar instructions with a product that does not show a consumer how to safely use a product

Unfortunately, some manufacturers are far more concerned about their income than the health of their consumers, and some cut corners to save money without informing the public about these changes.

Identifying Multiple Litigants

In the wake of a defective product injury, many people automatically shift their blame to the producer of the product. This is an understandable assumption to make, but by working with an experienced Lakewood defective products lawyer, injured individuals may be able to hold multiple parties responsible after sustaining an injury.

Depending on the nature of the case, injury survivors may be able to hold wholesalers, retailers, and other types of distributors responsible if they are harmed by a defective product. This is because these parties also have a legal obligation to ensure the products they distribute are safe to use and were properly inspected.

The True Cost of a Defective Product Injury

After sustaining an injury from a defective product, an injured person is likely to face a mountain of medical and living expenses. These expenses can be astronomical—even when an injured individual has health insurance—and no one should be forced to shoulder such costs on their own.

Depending on the nature of their case, an injured consumer may be able to obtain financial compensation for:

  • Mental anguish
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Prescription drug costs
  • Future medical bills

Furthermore, if someone is killed by a defective product, their loved ones may be able to obtain compensation for funeral expenses, loss of income, and loss of companionship. Product manufacturers and distributors should never be allowed to continue dangerous practices in the wake of a death. For help with filing a claim, individuals should reach out to a Lakewood defective products lawyer as soon as possible.

Consulting a Lakewood Defective Products Attorney

Manufacturers have a legal duty of care to avoid endangering or causing harm to the people who buy their products at all costs. This duty involves inspecting products before they are released and adhering to all federal product safety laws. No one should ever be forced to deal with an injury that could have been prevented by a product manufacturer or distributor, so if you ever experience one, call a Lakewood defective products lawyer and know that you are in capable hands.

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