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Applying for Workers’ Compensation in Lakewood

According to Colorado law, almost all employers who have a least one employee must have workers’ compensation. This policy protects both workers and employers. A worker can file a claim after receiving a workplace injury and receive benefits for as long as they are out of work. As a tradeoff, they cannot sue their employer for negligence or any other civil claim arising out of the injury. Still, for an employee to have the best chance possible of collecting benefits, there are procedures they must follow.

Applying for workers’ compensation in Lakewood is not complex, but someone should not attempt to do it on their own without an advocate in their corner. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you take this important step.

Steps to Take Following an Injury

All employees are automatically enrolled in workers’ compensation programs after they start their job. As stated above, almost every employer must have this policy. One main exception is for individuals classified as independent contractors. To file a claim, a worker merely needs to report the incident to their supervisor. After they do this, it is the responsibility of the employer to refer the employee to doctors and report the incident to their insurance company.

According to Colorado Revised Statute 8-43-102, a worker must report the injury to their employer in writing within four days of the injury. There is no specific form this report must take, but a concise and accurate report is critical. A lawyer can help those injured in workplace accidents file these reports and give them the best chance of receiving benefits.

Applying for Workers’ Compensation Process

Filing a workers’ compensation claim can create an adversarial situation between an employee, their employer, and the insurance company. The company will most assuredly have an attorney representing them and an individual seeking compensation for an injury sustained while working for that company should have an attorney present to level the playing field. A dedicated injury attorney can make sure the worker’s rights are safe and that they serve the individual’s best interests at all times, especially if the company is seeking to deny the claim.

Reaching Out to an Experienced Workplace Injury Lawyer

Applying for workers’ compensation in Lakewood does not need to be an intimidating or complicated process. In fact, Lakewood’s process makes the procedure as simple as possible for injured workers. Still, under Colorado law, there are rules the worker must follow. A skilled lawyer helps individuals apply for these benefits in Lakewood by forming incident reports that accurately and clearly state the facts behind the accident and the resulting injuries. Using this method, an attorney can help individuals get the medical treatment and financial benefits they need to get back on their feet. T

he injured worker must file a report no more than four days after the accident, so it can be important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible to see how they are able to help. Consider reaching out to an attorney experienced in applying for workers’ compensation in Lakewood today for your initial consultation.

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