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Construction workers can be found in a wide variety of settings. Unfortunately, they are more likely than office workers to be injured in workplace accidents due to the fact that they tend to work around heavy machinery and hazardous materials on a daily basis. Construction accidents can be particularly devastating compared to other workplace incidents, and if you are injured on such a job site, you may need expensive long-term medical treatment.

If you are a construction worker who was injured on the job, you may want to contact a Lakewood construction accident lawyer who understands your plight. Even if your employer offers workers’ compensation benefits, you may have other legal options at your disposal that an experienced workers’ compensation attorney could help you explore.

The Role of Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation is an insurance program that provides injured employees with the funds they need to provide for themselves after sustaining an on-the-job injury. Colorado require companies of a certain size to provide these benefits for employees, and if an employee receives benefits, they are usually prohibited from filing a lawsuit against their employer if they are hurt on the job.

The vast majority of construction accidents are covered by workers’ compensation, but if an employer is grossly careless in a way that causes harm to someone they employ, the injured worker in question may be able to file a lawsuit against them. For example, if an employer knowingly allows their workers to use malfunctioning construction equipment, they may be guilty of negligence.

Common Types of Construction Accidents

Construction sites are full of potential hazards, and employees depend on their employers to keep these hazards in check. Unfortunately, this does not always happen, and it is possible for many construction workers to be injured in various types of accidents, including:

  •        Electrocution
  •        Heat and chemical burns
  •        Falling items
  •        Crane and scaffolding accidents
  •        Explosions

Many of the accidents listed above can leave victims unable to work or provide for themselves. Construction accidents can even be deadly, especially when a company does not educate its employees about worksite safety. Depending on the circumstances, Lakewood construction accident lawyers may be able to help accident survivors  obtain compensation for their pain, emotional suffering, medical bills, and other expenses.

Employee Safety Should Be a Top Priority

Construction companies have a legal obligation to keep their employees safe. This does not mean they have to prevent every single accident, but they should take reasonable steps to reduce the number of hazards present at a construction site.

Simple actions such as hiring qualified workers, properly inspecting equipment regularly, and recording any safety incidents or violations can make a huge difference for construction employees. In the same vein, heavy equipment should never be operated by unlicensed individuals, and corrosive and flammable materials should be clearly labeled.

Simply put, companies should set an example in regards to workplace safety, especially since employees are far more likely to follow safety rules and regulations when they see their employer is serious about them. Construction companies should never attempt to save time and money by forgoing employee training or refusing to take commonsense safety measures.

How a Lakewood Construction Accident Attorney Help

Workers’ compensation benefits are great for some people, but when a construction company fails to enact elementary safety measures, they should be held accountable if an employee is injured. Injuries sustained at construction sites can be physically and emotionally painful, but if you are injured in such a way, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. Call a Lakewood construction accident lawyer today to discuss your case.

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