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Front-End Car Accidents in Loveland

Vehicles involved in head-on collisions tend to be travelling at a higher rate of speed, making the crash impact more forceful, so the chances of serious injuries are much higher than in other wrecks.

An attorney may be able to help after you experience a front-end car accident in Loveland. A seasoned car accident attorney could assist you in recovering financial losses from your accident by establishing whether the other driver was at fault for the accident, negotiating with their insurance, and, if necessary, filing a lawsuit to protect your right to receive a fair payment for your injuries.

Causes of Front-End Collisions

Most car collisions happen while vehicles are in small spaces and moving at slow speeds, like fender benders in stop-and-go traffic, sideswipes after failing to yield, or nicking a door while pulling out of a parking space.

Many front-end car accidents in Loveland, however, frequently take place when one vehicle is travelling against the grain of traffic, often at full speed. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including a driver:

  • Driving the wrong way down a one-way street
  • Attempting to pass another vehicle illegally or too aggressively
  • Veering out of their lane due to driving while intoxicated or fatigued
  • Veering out of their lane due to texting while driving or other distractions

A lawyer experienced in car accident cases could investigate the crash to determine what was happening on the roadway immediately beforehand. This may be critical to establishing liability for the crash and the injured person being able to recover compensation.

Damages Available in Head-On Collisions

When an injured person proves the other driver was liable for the crash, several types of compensation, or “damages,” may be available. A Loveland attorney experienced in handling front-end car collisions could provide more specific information about the categories of damages that might be available.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are losses tied to a specific dollar amount, such as hospital bills, medical expenses, or the cost to repair damage to the injured person’s vehicle. Economic damages are objective and can usually be proved with the appropriate records or documentation.

Noneconomic Damages

Noneconomic damages provide compensation for injuries a person sustained in an accident that are harder to quantify. These could include emotional stress, pain and suffering, or a lessened quality of life after the accident. The state of Colorado, however, has capped the total amount of noneconomic damages that may be awarded in one accident. Colorado Revised Statutes § 13-21-102.5(3) provides that noneconomic damages awarded to an individual cannot exceed $250,000 dollars, adjusted for inflation.

In some rare circumstances, an injured person may be able to recover exemplary damages, which are meant to punish the other driver when the injured person can prove the other driver’s conduct leading to the accident was especially egregious.  C. R. S. §13-21-102(1) states any exemplary damages awarded must be reasonable and cannot exceed the amount of actual damages the injured person will receive.

Call a Loveland Attorney With Experience Handling Front-End Collisions

When you are involved in a severe accident that is not your fault, you deserve to have the responsible person pay for your injuries. Beyond that, you should receive that payment without hassle, time, or energy expended on your part so you can focus in recovering from the wreck. A skilled lawyer may be able to help you investigate the crash, identify the person responsible for the wreck, and use the judicial system to seek fair compensation from them.

To learn more about how a lawyer familiar with front-end car accidents in Loveland can help you, reach out to schedule an initial consultation.

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