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Ridesharing services have disrupted the taxi industry, providing transportation to many of Loveland’s citizens. Uber and Lyft drivers are obligated to keep you safe, as any driver is obligated to. Whether you are driving your vehicle, are a passenger in the ridesharing car, or are a pedestrian, Uber operators must drive responsibly and within the rules of the road.

When they fail to do so and cause you to suffer an injury, you have the right to seek payment for your losses. A trusted car accident attorney may be able to explain your rights under the law further, investigate the reasons for the incident, and demand that all liable parties provide fair compensation to cover your losses. Speak with a Loveland Uber accident lawyer today to determine your best course of action after a crash.

Rideshare Drivers’ Duty of Care

Drivers on Loveland’s roads must take appropriate care to protect the people around them, ensuring they avoid unreasonable risk of harm. Drivers assume an equal duty to protect whether they are on the road to run errands, drive to work, or are operating as a rideshare. This means drivers are personally responsible for the damage they cause to others through their negligence.

However, many believe parent companies like Uber or Lyft should share responsibility following a crash. Sadly, this is not the case. Ridesharing companies preserve the status of their drivers as independent contractors. This means that a driver’s fault in causing a collision does not transfer to the employer. In these situations, the at-fault driver and their personal insurance companies are the sole potential defendants in a compensation claim.

However, many personal car insurance policies do not provide indemnity for rideshare operators. This means that a demand for compensation may not be able to collect payments from insurance companies if a specific policy does not protect a driver operating as an Uber or Lyft contractor. A qualified Uber accident attorney in Loveland could determine which parties share liability for a collision and demand fair payments.

Seeking Compensation Within the Applicable Time Limits

Regardless of which parties share legal liability for a rideshare collision, there is a set time limit after a crash to demand compensation. Under Colorado Revised Statutes § 13-80-102, people have two years to bring these cases to court. It is imperative to act quickly to file within the allotted deadlines.

Damages in an Uber Wreck

A motor vehicle’s impact on a person’s body may cause various physical injuries that require immediate medical attention. Many people are fortunate and only experience temporary injuries. Even so, these people may face thousands of dollars in medical bills after riding in an ambulance, visiting the emergency room, or attending physical therapy sessions.

Medical bills are unlikely to be the only loss a person suffers after an accident. They may lose income from being unable to work. Whether this includes missing a few shifts to attend medical appointments or incurring a permanent disability, an at-fault rideshare driver is responsible for compensating for this lost income. A Loveland Uber crash lawyer could ensure an injured party is paid fair monetary damages.

Speak With a Loveland Uber Accident Attorney To Learn About Your Rights

A driver’s status as a rideshare operator does not affect their obligation to protect those they encounter while behind the wheel. However, Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare companies are unlikely to share the blame due to their status as independent contractors. Additionally, a driver’s personal insurance company may deny coverage due to unauthorized vehicle use.

Reach out to a skilled Loveland Uber accident lawyer to pursue your demand for compensation following a wreck. The Amy G Injury Firm attorneys are prepared to gather evidence about the crash, determine how it has impacted your life, and demand that all liable parties provide fair compensation. Call our firm today to schedule an initial consultation.

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