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Side-Impact Car Accidents in Loveland

T-bone accidents can be devastating for everyone involved. When another vehicle makes contact with your car on the side panel, resulting injuries tend to be quite serious. In order to get the compensation you deserve from the negligent driver, you will need to prove that their reckless or careless actions left you hurt. This is where a lawyer comes in.

Contacting an attorney to protect your legal rights following a side-impact car accident in Loveland is critical. A car collision lawyer works to prove fault for a collision and demonstrate how that event has changed your life. From here, our dedicated team could pursue the payments you need and deserve.

When is Another Driver to Blame for a Side Impact Crash?

There is no such thing as a no-fault collision in Colorado, meaning that there is always someone liable for a crash. The core of any demand for compensation involves proving another driver’s negligence.

One powerful way to prove liability for a crash is to show that another driver was violating a traffic law leading up to the incident. This might include failing to stop at a red light, improperly changing lanes, or failing to yield. If a police officer issued a ticket to the other driver, an attorney could help to track this ticket through the courts. A finding of fault in traffic court is direct evidence of a driver’s fault for a side-impact crash.

Other cases revolve around the question of a defendant’s simple carelessness. Courts use the concept called modified comparative negligence to examine the actions of all parties to accidents and assign blame for these incidents. Under Colorado Revised Statute § 13-21-111, if a court believes an injured person to carry 50 percent or more of the fault for an incident, that court cannot award them any compensation. A seasoned Loveland attorney could work to show that the other driver is fully liable for a side-impact car accident and push back against any unfair accusations of blame.

Pursuing Fair Compensation After a Side Impact Crash

T-bone wrecks often leave drivers and passengers with serious injuries, including broken arms, separated shoulders, and crushed legs. Concussions, spinal cord damage, and burns are also common injuries sustained in vehicle accidents.

A driver who causes these events must provide compensation for all needed medical care connected to these injuries. This includes both past costs and payments for estimated future care.

An accident can change a person’s life in other ways besides physical injuries. If a person is severely hurt, they might be unable to work and therefore lose income. A collision can also devastate a person’s mental health or result in an overall lower quality of life. Talking with an attorney allows them to evaluate the full impact of a T-bone collision and seek out compensation accordingly.

Contact an Attorney Now to Discuss Your Side Impact Car Crash in Loveland

Side-impact car crashes have the potential to change everything about your life. Obtaining fair compensation following a crash is rarely easy, and defendants and their insurance companies may even try to shift blame onto you for something that was not your fault.

Reaching out to a knowledgeable attorney after a side-impact car accident in Loveland allows them to get to work right away. Speak with a lawyer now to get started. We are ready to get to work for you.

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