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Taxi Accidents in Loveland

Even though they are professional drivers, taxi drivers can sometimes be reckless or careless behind the wheel in ways which lead to avoidable accidents.

When are hurt in a wreck, you may have a complicated path ahead to recover fair financial compensation from the people to blame for your injuries. Fortunately, help is available from Loveland from a seasoned car accident attorney with experience handling claims for taxi accidents in Loveland.

Are Taxi Companies Liable for a Driver’s Negligence?

Much like bus drivers, taxi drivers are considered “common carriers,” which means they owe their passengers a “duty of care” to follow traffic laws, watch out for nearby vehicles and obstacles, and drive so their passengers are not at risk of getting hurt. An injured person could file when, for example, a taxi driver accelerated too quickly and caused them to fall when getting in or out of the vehicle.

Additionally, many taxi services differ from rideshare services like Uber and Lyft in that their drivers are classified as employees of the taxi company rather than independent contractors working on their own with the company’s assistance. This means it is sometimes possible to hold both a taxi driver and the company they work for liable for an injury following a taxi accident in Loveland, which can allow for more recovery than a claim against just the driver would.

Taking Legal Action Within Filing Deadlines

Regardless of who is liable for an accident, an ensuing lawsuit or settlement demand can incorporate both economic and non-economic forms of harm stemming directly from the incident. These can include both past and future damages, including:

  • Physical pain and discomfort from injuries
  • Lost work income, benefits, or long-term working capacity
  • Lost overall enjoyment of life, potentially including lost consortium
  • Personal property damage and loss, including vehicle repair or replacement costs when applicable
  • Emotional distress and psychological trauma from injuries or the accident as a whole
  • Medical bills, including expected costs of future care and disability-related expenses for things like wheelchairs

Per Colorado Revised Statutes §13-80-101, people injured in auto accidents of any kind typically have three years after initially getting hurt to file suit over their ensuing damages, so time is of the essence after getting injured in a taxi accident in Loveland.

Talk to a Loveland Attorney About a Possible Taxi Accident Lawsuit

Even though taxi drivers are more familiar with local streets and traffic patterns than most, they can and do get into wrecks just like anyone else. You may have grounds to demand comprehensive compensation when any taxi driver or company caused you harm.

Working closely with a skilled lawyer should be a priority for anyone dealing with injuries and subsequent losses caused by taxi accidents in Loveland. Call today to discuss your options.

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