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Determining the Validity of a Worker’s Compensation Claim in Weld County

In Weld County, if you suffer an injury at work, you could have a viable claim through the state workers’ compensation system. This system is a no-fault claims process that covers an injured worker’s expenses why they are too hurt to work. However, it is common for an insurance company to challenge the validity of a workers’ injury claim.

While challenges to claims can happen, you still have the legal right to pursue the benefits you deserve. With the help of a skilled attorney, you could still obtain benefits following the denial of a claim. A Weld County lawyer could help you with determining the validity of a workers’ compensation claim. To get started on a case, schedule a consultation today.

Justifying Benefits for a Workplace Injury

Workers’ compensation benefits are not available for every worker in every situation. A Weld County employee must be on the job at the time their injury occurs for it to lead to a valid compensation claim. However, whether an injury was work-related is often highly disputed.

While an employee must be on the job at the time of an injury, there are other exceptions that could apply. For example, an employee that sustains an injury during horseplay on the job is not eligible for benefits. An employer or their insurance company could also object if the worker was at their place of work, but sustained the injury after hours or during a lunch break. These questions are complex and are best handled by an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

The nature of the injury is important, but it should not bar a valid injury claim. For example, a worker could receive compensation if they sustain an injury perform their standard duties, or if they were walking from one work area to another.

A compensation claim could be valid even if it did not happen at the workplace. For example, if an employee suffers an injury while on a sales call or making a delivery, their compensation claim could be valid.

Injuries in a Valid Workers’ Compensation Claim

Insurance companies would also frequently challenge the sufficiency of an injury. The injuries that are common in workers’ compensation claims often include the severe physical injuries associated with construction site accidents. However, benefits are also available in cases where an office worker receives repetitive stress-related injuries.

While benefits may cover the medical costs related to these injuries, the largest portion of a Weld County workers’ compensation claim is often for temporary disability benefits. A worker that misses three days at work or three shifts has the right to seek wage replacement benefits. An insurance company will likely object to a claim seeking compensation before that deadline expires.

Finally, an insurance company could also object on the grounds of a pre-existing condition. While compensation claims can cover a pre-existing condition made worse by a workplace accident, a worker may not seek benefits for a claim related entirely to an old injury.

Benefits of Retaining Assistance with a Workers’ Comp Claim

With the guidance of a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer, you could fight back against an unfair rejection from the insurance company. While their initial rejection of a claim matters, you still have the right to seek benefits.

If you are ready to pursue the benefits you deserve, contact a Weld County lawyer right away. Doing so could have a positive impact on your workers’ compensation claim.

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