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Workers’ Compensation Settlements in Weld County

Fighting for your recovery after a workplace injury can be a difficult task, especially for those that have been seeking benefits for some time. It can be frustrating and confusing to handle your claim and deal with insurance companies.

A lawyer experienced in workers’ compensation settlements in Weld County could be able to provide legal support and insight into your case. Consider reaching out to a trusted workers’ comp attorney for assistance in reviewing the details of a settlement offer or for help with negotiating with opposing parties.

What Are Settlement Conferences?

Injured parties seeking workers’ compensation in Weld County may have to go through the process of prehearings and settlement negotiations before receiving benefits. If complications arise and the insurance company continues to refuse to pay benefits, workers have the right to request a formal hearing to resolve the issue, as well as a settlement conference.

Settlement conferences are conducted by an administrative law judge. The judge acts as an impartial mediator that attempts to help the parties resolve the issues. Unlike in court, the judge does not have the power to make a binding decision on the issues. The case would only be resolved if each party agrees on the terms.

What Does it Mean to Waive the Right to Sue?

According to Colorado Revised Statutes §8-40-302, employers should provide workers’ compensation insurance for all of their employees, unless they fall under a limited exception. In exchange for receiving workers’ compensation insurance, Weld County employees are generally barred from suing their employer for a work-related injury. Regardless of whether the employer was at fault for the injury, workers generally may not sue their employers.

Insurance Company Workers’ Comp Denials in Weld County

After filing a workers’ compensation claim, the first thing an insurance company would do in response is either admit liability, called an “Admission of Liability,” or they will contest liability, known as a “Notice of Contest.” If accepted, the insurance company has determined that the claimant is eligible to receive benefits and would begin paying their medical expenses and lost wages.

However, if the insurance company finds a reason to deny a claim, they will contest paying medical expenses or lost wages. An adjuster might submit a notice of contest for multiple reasons, such as believing that the injury was not work-related, or that more information is required before admitting liability.

Consult a Weld County Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today

Upon being hired, employees should be guaranteed benefits in the event of an injury. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, causing victims to undertake the difficult task of filing an injury claim. However, insurance companies may try to appease the situation by offering a settlement. When this happens, it is important to take some time to review the offer and determine whether the settlement merits acceptance.

For help with determining workers’ compensation settlements in Weld County, be sure to get in touch with an experienced attorney today. A lawyer could provide you with insight during your initial consultation.

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