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Mistakes to Avoid when Making a Weld County Workers’ Compensation Claim

Recovering from a work-related injury is challenging. In addition to the pain and physical limitations, the changes to your daily routine are never easy. With these pressures already on you, pursuing a workers’ compensation claim by yourself might be more than you can handle.

When you retain the services of a Weld County lawyer, they can focus on avoiding mistakes when filing a workers’ compensation claim. By presenting a claim free of errors, you may be able to obtain a favorable outcome to your case. Reach out to an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer today.

What is the Significance of Seeking Medical Treatment?

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid in a workers’ compensation claim is failing to seek medical treatment. Not seeking medical treatment is problematic for a few reasons. First, an employer can use the refusal to seek treatment as evidence that there was no injury in the first place. Second, it is the employee’s duty to document any injury they are seeking benefits for. Failing to do so would severely damage a claim. More than anything, the health and wellbeing of a worker are at stake, so receiving necessary medical treatment is crucial.

Failing to Report the Injury

One of the mistakes to avoid when making a Weld County workers’ compensation claim is failing to report the injury. There are strict reporting requirements for any workplace-related injury or illness in Weld County. An injured worker must report their injury to their employer or supervisor as soon as possible following a workplace accident. In almost all cases, an employee must submit a written report of their injury to their employer within four days. Failing to do so could be fatal to an injury claim.

Filing a Claim with Health Insurance

It can be tempting in some cases to seek coverage through private health insurance as opposed to going through the workers’ compensation system. However, this is a mistake. If the injury is serious, it is highly likely the insurer would require the issue to be resolved through the workers’ compensation process regardless. Attempting to bypass the workers’ compensation process could also cast doubt on the truthfulness of a worker’s claim.

What Are the Risks of Returning to Work Too Early after an Injury on the Job?

Even after a serious injury, there can be pressure from a supervisor or employer to return to work too soon. Employers know that as soon as a worker returns to work, they are no longer on the hook for their benefits. Not only would returning to work too soon impact the benefits available to an injured worker, but it can also have severe health complications as well. Injuries that were otherwise treatable could become permanent following re-injury. The increased risk of another injury is reason enough to avoid returning to work before treatment is complete.

Failing to Contact a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

With all of the pitfalls that face a Weld County workers’ compensation claim, moving forward without the help of a seasoned lawyer could be the biggest mistake of all. An attorney can guide you through the entire process, helping you avoid mistakes that can impact your health and your claim along the way.

An experienced lawyer could inform you of the mistakes to avoid when making a Weld County workers’ compensation claim. To learn more, schedule a free consultation right away.

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