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Importance of Health Insurance in Aurora Bicycle Accidents 

The importance of health insurance in Aurora bicycle accidents cannot be emphasized enough. Health insurance is important any time a person is injured, whether in a bicycle accident, a car accident, or any accident due to one’s carelessness. People who do not have health insurance automatically assume that they have no way of receiving treatment and so they live with injuries which can make them worse. It is extremely important to have health insurance, not only because it encourages a person to see a doctor, but they are also more likely to seek treatment which is a huge issue in a legal case.

It is imperative that you seek that treatment as soon as possible to document the injuries sustained and, of course, health insurance is also important financially. Sometimes a person is not given the choice to go to the hospital or seek medical treatment especially if they have suffered a head injury and lost consciousness. If you wish to know more about the importance of health insurance in bicycle accident cases, get in touch with an experienced bicycle accident attorney.

Benefits of  Health Insurance

The importance of health insurance in Aurora bicycle accidents is that they allow the injured party to seek treatment. This is also a benefit because someone with health insurance is more likely to seek medical treatment for their injuries. Medical care is not only important for physical health, but it is also important in a legal case. The If there is a gap in treatment while an injured person waits to seek an attorney’s advice or seek medical treatment, the insurance company will automatically assume the injuries were not that bad or that there were no injuries as a result of the accident and only after speaking with an attorney injuries appeared.

Paying For Treatment Without Insurance

Medical payments coverage is something that a person can elect to have under their automobile coverage and that is usually $5,000.00 or more, depending on the policy, to put towards medical bills. This is a great option and something that people often do not even know that they have. In a situation where there is a hit and run and the injured person does not have health insurance (no at-fault automobile insurance and no health insurance), it is important to look into the automobile policy of a resident relative who has uninsured motorist coverage.

How a Lawyer Can Help

A bicycle accident can be especially dangerous because of the exposed nature of the cyclist themselves, which amplifies the importance of health insurance in Aurora bicycle accidents.It is a great idea to seek legal advice from an attorney. If a person injured in a bicycle accident does not have health insurance, an attorney can review their automobile insurance policy (if they have an automobile in their name), or if there is any car insurance available of a relative they reside with.

Additionally, attorneys can assist an injured person with health care providers who would work on a lien (the health care providers would provide treatment and expect to be paid out of the settlement proceeds), so the injured person will receive the medical treatment their injuries demand, without any form of insurance. Attorneys can act as mediator with hospitals regarding uninsured discounts to control the acceleration of the bills. Having an attorney makes a difference when it comes to health insurance questions. If an injured person does not have health insurance, they may end up with collection agencies coming after them for payment of the bills, which will affect their credit.  If you have been involved in a bicycle accident, contact a lawyer.

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