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Aurora Bicycle Insurance Requirements 

There are no specific insurance requirements surrounding bicycles in Aurora. The issue of insurance is important when talking about bicycles for those people who use their bicycles as their main mode of transportation to work or anywhere else, especially if they do not have a car. If a person does not own a car, they would not have insurance coverage.

A person is not required by any state laws in Colorado to have motor vehicle insurance coverage for riding a bicycle, but it would be important have some type of insurance coverage, because uninsured motorist coverage and medical payments coverage can apply to an accident case.

If a bicyclist is hit by a motor vehicle, often times, it is a hit and run situation. The bicyclist would not have any insurance for their injuries or damages. It is important to carry that uninsured motorist coverage in the event that a bicyclist is involved in a hit and run, or in the event that the person who hit them does not have any coverage at all, which happens often.

And then medical payments coverage is also important because it is a specific sum of money, usually $5,000, but that amount can change depending on the policy. The laws with health insurance are always changing, but it is very important for people riding bicycles to have health insurance. Consult with an experienced bicycle accident lawyer for more information on Aurora bicycle insurance requirements.

Limits of Health Insurance Coverage and Paid Sick Leave

Aurora bicycle insurance requirements can come with some complexities. When a person has health insurance coverage and they use that to obtain medical treatment after a bicycle accident, the health insurance company keeps track of all the charges that they pay on, and have a claim called subrogation. They have a subrogation right by law to collect what they have spent on a person’s medical care if there is a settlement with the at-fault insurance company.

Using health insurance can limit the recovery because the injured person has to pay the health insurance company back whatever their lien is out of the settlement. If a medical provider is working on a lien, the injured person has to pay them out of the settlement as well. Either way, the medical care received as a result of the injury, will have to be paid back out of the settlement proceeds.

If an injured person missed work due to injuries sustained in a bicycle accident, they can make a wage loss claim as part of the economic damages. But, if they missed work and is still paid for it as vacation or sick time, they cannot claim that as lost wages. An injured person can definitely mention that they had to use paid time off and there should be compensation for that, whether it is the exact amount or some calculation to refund them for the paid time off.

Paid sick leave would probably not limit the recovery. If an injured person is using short-term or long-term disability, that is not the same as paid time off. If he is getting disability payments for time missed from work then that disability insurance company has the subrogation right; will keep track of everything they pay to the injured person. The injured person would make a wage loss claim adding up all the wages he missed out on, but he would have to pay back the disability insurance company for what they paid him.

Circumstances of Reimbursement by Health Insurance

A person will always receive health insurance reimbursement for medical expenses if the person receives a settlement. This is another Aurora bicycle insurance requirement. If a person has health insurance, and the health insurance company pays for certain medical expenses, as long as the expenses are related to the accident, and as long as the plaintiff receives reimbursement based on such medical expenses, then the health insurance company will require reimbursement.

Health insurance companies will give the injured person a ledger of the claims paid, listing doctors who performed services, the dates of such service, detail of such service, and attorneys will go through those ledgers meticulously and pick out what is related to the accident and what is not. If the health insurance company accidentally includes a visit to the primary care physician for the flu, that charge does not qualify for repayment in connection with this accident. As long as there is a third party liability settlement and recovery for the person, then payment has to be made to the health insurance company.

Hiring a Lawyer

Call a bicycle accident lawyer to learn more about Aurora bicycle insurance requirements. They can help you through the process and give you the legal knowledge you need for the specifics of your case.

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