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Aurora Bicycle Accidents Involving Out-of-State Cyclists

Biking around a city is one of the best ways to become acquainted with the geography of it. However, there are also risks to riding a bicycle in a city you are unfamiliar with. Among those risks, is the possibility of getting into a bicycle accident. Aurora bicycle accidents involving out-of-state cyclists can be difficult. The rights and laws regarding traffic and cyclists vary from state to state. A lawyer can explain the nuances of Aurora traffic accident laws and can help you begin to build your case.

If you have been involved in a bicycle accident, get in touch with a skilled bicycle injury attorney who can advocate for you.

Things for Out-of-State Cyclists to Keep in Mind

Out-of-state visitors should keep in mind that each state, city, or municipality has their own laws. If a person is planning on riding a bicycle on a busy roadway and not using a designated bike lane or path, they need to know the specific bicycle laws of that location and jurisdiction. In this case, the specific bicycle laws in Aurora. There are very few specific laws in Aurora that differ from the State. One common difference is that one city might allow bicyclists to ride bikes on the sidewalk and the city next door does not allow it. It is really important to be informed of the local laws and ordinances regarding bicycles. The location where the accident occurs in is the law that is going to apply when talking about negligence laws and torts, Minnesota law does not apply in Colorado.

In order to avoid Aurora bicycle accidents involving out-of-state cyclists, it is important that cyclists watch out for those major intersections in Aurora. Another thing to keep in mind in Aurora is their large immigrant population. It is a very culturally rich city, but that comes with a lot of people who are driving in America for the first time. They are used to countries that have different driving laws and they drive very differently and it takes awhile for them to get used to different laws and ways of driving on different roadways. Aurora definitely has a lot of accidents (more so than a lot of other towns in Colorado), because of those large intersections and a lot of new people driving.

Dangers of Bicycle-Riding in Aurora

It is important for people to understand that if they are in a foreign location, a different city than they are used to, people drive differently and there are different traffic laws. Aurora has especially aggressive drivers, but there are very large intersections that usually encompass more than four directions. Most common intersections are North, South, East, and West with four roadways, but in Aurora, there are usually diagonal roadways, with a lot of different crosswalks and confusing intersections.

Motor vehicle accidents are common in these huge intersections because they are so confusing for people. Drivers are looking at traffic lights, trying to decide whose turn it is to go, and who has the green light. Coming from this diagonal location with the large intersection is very confusing, even to know which lane to stay in and where a person is supposed to go. In Aurora, specifically, bicyclists should watch out for those major large intersections because cars are often doing the wrong thing.

Unfamiliarity With Aurora Traffic Laws as a Defense

If a bicyclist is at-fault for an accident in Aurora and they are from Pennsylvania, they might claim as their defense that they are dealing with different traffic laws and did not know. Ultimately, the law is the law, and if someone breaks the law and causes an accident, they are at fault. It will not be a great defense, but it is definitely worth asserting, especially if someone is trying to assert that the out-of-state bicyclist did things on purpose or was negligent, and they are putting more intent on them, maneuvers that might seem more reckless than careless. They should definitely assert that they are from out-of-state and did not know the laws or how things are done here. A person alleging that they had no way to know if that would be very successful, but worth a try.

Transferable No-Fault Insurance Benefits

When it comes to seeking treatment for injuries sustained from Aurora bicycle accidents involving out-of-state cyclists, medical payments will always stay with the person. If they have Med-Pay or medical payments coverage under their automobile policy, that is going to follow them as well. Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage always follows a person as well. The insured does not have to be in the automobile for that to apply, and that will stick with them no matter what state they are in. Health insurance, of course, always is going to be a benefit to a person regardless of which state they are in.

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