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Negligence in Aurora Bicycle Accidents 

In Aurora, about one and a half out of 10,000 bicycle accidents end in a fatality without a helmet on. Colorado is a big cycling state, so wearing a helmet is important.

Bicycle helmets are the most important protective gear one can wear to protect someone from an accident. An accident without a helmet on can result in brain injury and other serious repercussions, and negligence in Aurora bicycle accidents can especially affect a person’s livelihood. Consult an experienced Aurora bicycle accident lawyer to see what you can do about negligent bicycle accidents.

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents are similar to other accidents, but for bicyclists and motorcyclists, there is the opportunity for a person to fly off and land on the ground, and get run over by another car. There is an increased chance of bicycle riders to get run over by cars if they are thrown off and lying in the middle of the street.

Increased Risk of Bicycling

The most important thing is for bicyclists to know is the laws of the roadway. Some bicyclists have never driven a car and do not know who has the right-of-way in what situation. It is important for anyone traveling on the roadways to know the specific traffic laws and the ordinances of that municipality or wherever they are.

In Colorado, and in Aurora, there is a huge bicycle culture. Bicycling events are regular and for people to organize and attend them is normal, but that means that bicycling accidents are very common as well. A search on the internet can reveal the documented risk of injury and the possible severity compared to injury sustained in a car. Reading the local newspaper will make a person aware of all the bicycle accidents because of how often they occur. A person is definitely more open to injury while riding a bicycle.

Bicycle Protection

Bicyclists have no protection like a person in a motor vehicle or in a car. The bicyclist is very similar to a pedestrian because they have nothing protecting them, just like a pedestrian. The bicycle can land on the person or they can get caught up in the bicycle.

A person’s body can come directly into contact with a car as well. Even though a person on a bicycle is traveling like a car might be and they may be more aligned with a motor vehicle on the road, a bicyclist is far less safe than a person driving a car. They can often be subject to blind spots, they do not have cushioning mechanisms like cars do, and they are more likely to be affected by the world around them.

Comparative and Contributory Negligence Jurisdiction

Aurora has adopted a modified form of comparative/contributory negligence. The statute provides that the contributory negligence of the plaintiff will not bar recovery if the claimant is negligent with less than a defendant’s portion of fault. As long as the plaintiff’s fault is less than 50% of the accident, the claim will not be barred. If there is comparative fault or comparative negligence on the plaintiff, their recovery will be reduced by the percentage of fault that they have received. That is how negligence in Aurora bicycle accidents works.

Hiring an Attorney

Aurora bicycle lawyers will help you with a case of negligence. If you are experiencing injury following a bicycle accident, contact a qualified attorney today to see what claims you can make.

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