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Traffic Laws in Aurora Bicycle Accident Cases

Traffic laws in Aurora bicycle accident cases are the same as regular traffic laws, meaning if a driver is at fault it is because they disobeyed a traffic signal or any traffic law. In Aurora, every person riding a bicycle shall have all of the rights and duties applicable to a driver of any other vehicle. A bicyclist is subject to the same rules as a person operating the motor vehicle as well any Local Ordinances regulating the operation of bicycles in that specific municipality or town.

They are also afforded the same rights as a driver or a passenger in a vehicle that is involved in a collision. Traffic laws apply to bicycles the same way they apply to motor vehicles. A distinguished bicycle accident lawyer can help you seek appropriate damages based on the facts of your case. A local attorney can help clarify the traffic laws in bike accident cases and how they may affect the outcome of your case.

Difference in Bicycle Laws

In Aurora, there are not really any specific traffic laws in Aurora bicycle accident cases. Bicyclists have to follow the same traffic laws that any other motor vehicle on the roadway has to follow. Having reflective gear and certain lights, bicyclists are expected to just follow the same traffic laws as any other motor vehicle in Aurora.

There are differences when it comes to equipment that is required. Cars obviously come equipped with turn signals and lights to do that, but bicyclists are required to signal a lane change or a turn with their hands and their arms with specific movements. The bicyclist is using handle bars and not a steering wheel, and a bicyclist always has to have at least one hand on the handlebar. Another different law is that bicyclists are allowed to ride two abreast in a lane so there can be two bicyclists riding next to each. And bicyclists are expected to ride in the right-hand lane because they usually move forward in the general traffic.

Following Traffic Laws

It is always important for anyone on the roadway to follow traffic laws, whether in a car, on a motorcycle, a bicycle, or even as a pedestrian. A person must follow the law. If a person does not follow the traffic laws in Aurora bicycle accident cases, comparative negligence can come into play. Then they are not only dealing with injuries and damages that come along with a bicycle accident but could also be paying for it if it is determined that they are at fault for not following the law, even as the victim in the situation.

Impact of Not Following the Law

Whether a bicyclist was or was not following the traffic laws in Aurora bicycle accident cases, impacts an injury case because of the concept of comparative or contributory negligence. That means, that a certain portion of fault is assessed onto the bicyclist for not following the laws. The insurance company will claim that if the bicyclist had followed the law, this would not have happened. This can either bar a person’s recovery or definitely reduce the amount of recovery based on comparative fault.

Staying Updated on Local Laws

Because bicyclists are held to the same traffic laws as motor vehicles, when the Department of Transportation updates those laws, or the Legislature updates those laws in Aurora, it would have the same effect on bicyclists. There is no separate statute or code for bicyclists. The Internet is definitely a person’s friend when it comes to staying up-to-date on laws and regulations. Attorney websites often will state crucial information and pertinent laws. Personal injury attorney websites usually have different sections for that information. The Department of Motor Vehicles website or a specific municipality website will provide access to their laws.

In Colorado and Aurora, there is definitely a culture with bicycle riders which has a large presence of bloggers who not only discuss great places to ride and different things going on in the community, but provide information regarding safety gear, traffic laws, and the duties of the roadway for bicyclists. It is always a great idea to talk with other bicyclists in the community who may know more than the average person does, who stay up-to-date on different things that happen in the bicycling community. It is a good resource to understand the traffic laws in Aurora bicycle accident cases.

Local municipalities can make its own ordinances as well. In Aurora, a person is allowed to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk but in other cities in Colorado, the individual might not be able to do that.

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