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Unique Aspects of Aurora Bicycle Accidents 

Unique aspects of Aurora bicycle accidents include that they are more dangerous. Bicycles can often be more difficult to see, making them dangerous. Many accidents are caused because a driver on the road simply did not see the cyclist. It is hard enough to see a car that is in a blind spot, but a cyclist is that much more difficult. They tend to squeeze through certain spaces and end up getting really close to cars, which creates a dangerous situation because car drivers are often oblivious of cyclists.

Many drivers of cars and trucks on the road do not really understand that bicyclists are afforded the same rights of the roadways and do not feel the need to share the road. Drivers can drive more aggressively around bicyclists, often times because they are agitated that they have to share the roadway, or that they have to drive a little bit slower in certain areas before passing a cyclist.

Bicycles are also a potential danger when they are operating on a sidewalk. Sometimes a cyclist will zoom through on a sidewalk and run into a big group of pedestrians. Many people bicyclists are often times intoxicated. A person can receive a DUI on a bicycle as well and can certainly cause damage and injury to others by doing that. A qualified lawyer can help someone through a bicycle incident.

Advice Following a Bicycle Accident

The first piece of advice following a bicycle accident is to not wait to seek medical attention if there are injuries sustained in a bicycle accident. Also, do not wait to report the accident to authorities, and insurance companies. Make those claims and report the accident as soon as possible to avoid any questions of what happened or whether a person is injured.

Next, do not voluntarily offer information to insurance companies. With recorded statements, a person thinks they are explaining an accident, but really they are giving them information to be used against them.

And third, call an attorney. Bicycle accidents in Aurora are unique and it is important to have someone on the bicyclist’s side fighting for their interests.

How a Lawyer Can Help

A lawyer is very helpful for someone involved in a bicycle accident in Aurora, similar to the way an attorney can help someone injured in a personal injury car accident. The attorney can open an insurance claim, look through all applicable insurance policies of the individual and the driver. An attorney can schedule medical treatment for the injured person as well.

Personal injury attorneys have relationships with many doctors and clinics and are able to obtain specialized treatment for the injured person. And of course, the lawyer can facilitate settlement and try to make sure that proper compensation is received for all the damages sustained. There are many different procedures of a personal injury claim that many people, especially people who do not drive cars, do not understand. A lawyer can assist someone involved in an accident because they know all those procedures of the law.

A qualified lawyer is well-versed on the unique aspects of an Aurora bicycle accident. Contact one today to see what they can do for you.

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