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Filing a Car Accident Case in Lakewood

When a person suffers damage in an auto accident, one of the first things they should try to resolve after being seen by a medical professional is how much compensation they are owed. If the accident was caused by the negligence of another, the victim could work with a skilled attorney to put a demand letter together and send it to the at-fault party. However, since there is much room for error, you should make it a priority to retain legal assistance before choosing to file a car accident claim in Lakewood. Doing so could be the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful claim.

What does it Mean to File an Auto Injury Claim?

Auto accident cases tend to be settled before it is ever presented in court. However, there could be an instance where one party does not agree to the terms of the settlement and will try to push the claim to a trial where they believe they will get the justice they deserve. Upon failure of the settlement negotiation process, the plaintiff would file a complaint in the district court in order to have to the case heard before a jury.

Once a claim reaches the courtroom, the case can no longer be settled and the plaintiff should focus their efforts on preparing for court. However, plaintiffs should keep in mind that there are deadlines for filing an auto accident injury claim. To remove the date, the plaintiff should present the case to the district court as quickly as possible. When a person files a complaint, all the appropriate defendants must be included. In addition, the plaintiff should also present evidence demonstrating liability, injuries and, damages.

Steps to Take Before Filing a Claim in Lakewood

One of the first steps a plaintiff in Lakewood should take is to make sure all evidence is gathered in support of their claim. Once the plaintiff gathers all appropriate evidence, they should work with their attorney to include the information in a demand letter to be later sent to the at-fault party’s insurance company. Evidence worth presenting includes:

  • Police reports
  • Statements of witnesses
  • Medical documentation
  • Proof of damages

Once the plaintiff has sent the demand letter to the defendant, they should then make every attempt to resolve the matter with the insurance company. If the matter cannot be settled, then the plaintiff and their attorney must move forward with a complaint and pursue the case in district court.

Could a Case be Negotiated Outside of Court Once an Action Has Been Filed?

During the course of preparations for trial after the complaint is filed in Lakewood, new evidence may come to light which could change the positions of the parties. As this new evidence comes to light, such evidence can either strengthen or weaken the positions of the respective parties. With that in mind, both parties may want to pursue settlement even as they proceed toward a trial on the matter.

Importance of Retaining an Attorney

A professional attorney in Lakewood has years of experience in handling these types of cases. Auto cases involving serious injury tend to involve many crucial elements that cannot be met without the help of a lawyer. For example, the evidence-gathering process could be completed much more thoroughly and efficiently with an attorney at your side. A lawyer could also take on the burden of having to draft a demand letter to the at-fault party while you focus on healing for your injuries.

Filing a car accident case in Lakewood is a difficult task, but with legal assistance willing to help, it can be done sooner than you may have anticipated. For more information, schedule a consultation today.

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