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Interstate, Turnpike, Freeway, Highway, Parkway Accidents in Lakewood

Some common fact patterns surrounding accidents in major roadways in Lakewood are that traffic speeds up and slows down according to a variety of factors, like drivers on the highway a not paying attention, texting, or having a conversation. They might rear-end another driver, which could cause an accident between at least two people and frequently more people because of the high-speeds involved. If a large vehicle is involved, like a semi-truck, there could be serious injuries due to high speeds and their large mass.

Difference Between Roadway and Highway Accidents

Getting in a car accident on any Lakewood major roads is different from an accident that takes place on a standard street. If it takes place on one of the highways running through Lakewood, they are going to be dealing with Colorado State Patrol versus local police officers. Another element that is involved with highway accidents is that they take place at higher speeds and they potentially involve bigger vehicles, including semi-trucks. Vehicles with larger mass traveling at higher speeds are likely to cause more serious accidents.

Steps to Take Following an Accident

When someone is involved in a highway accident, the first steps that they should take are to check to see if they are injured from the accident. If they are not injured, they should see if anybody else is injured in the accident, making sure to be aware of traffic and not get into traffic that could cause another accident. If anybody involved in the accident is hurt, they should dial 911.

Following that they should attempt to exchange information with the other drivers involved in the accident. They should take pictures of the accident scene extensively. Victims should also see if there are any witnesses to the accident. If there are either severe injuries or significant property damage, they should call 911 to have emergency personnel to take care of any injuries. Police officers should also be requested to come to the scene of the accident.

Impact of Speed of Traffic

The speed of traffic impacts the steps a person should take immediately following an interstate accident. If the driver has any emergency devices that they could set up on their car that let other drivers know that there has been an accident, they should deploy those emergency devices with caution to help re-route traffic. If their flashers are working, they should activate their flashers. It may also be wise to open the hood of the vehicle to let other drivers know from a distance that there has been an accident.

Dangers of Excessively Speeding on a Highway

With fewer instructional signs and basic laws to follow, speeding plays a much larger role in turnpike and parkway accidents. When they have higher speeds and highway traffic, many drivers are tempted and usually exceed the safe speed limits on the highways. When they exceed the safe speed limit and accidents take place, the accidents are much more severe.

Generally, drivers on the highway have a tendency to follow each other at unsafe distances. When a driver needs to abruptly apply their brakes, the drivers behind them may be ill-prepared to stop in time before they rear-end other vehicles. Also, drivers frequently attempt to change lanes to avoid rear-ending other drivers, which could cause further accidents on the highway.

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