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Lakewood Front-End Car Accident Lawyer

If you drive regularly, chances are you may experience a car accident at some point on the road. Although such accidents may occur in many different situations, one particularly common type of crash is a front-end collision. Despite improved airbag technology and increased vehicle safety features, front-end accidents still have the potential to cause significant damage to both property and people.

If you had such an accident recently, you should be aware of your legal rights. A qualified Lakewood front-end car accident lawyer who is familiar with Colorado laws and how they might impact your case could sit down with you and review your accident and your legal options. Then, your dedicated car accident attorney could help you decide whether filing a civil lawsuit for damages may be in your best interest.

Local Laws Relating to Front-End Car Accidents

If a person wishes to file a civil lawsuit for damages sustained in a front-end car accident in Lakewood, they must usually do so within three years, as established in Colorado Revised Statutes §13-80-101. Such a lawsuit may include claims for both “economic damages” and “non-economic damages.” A Lakewood front-end car accident lawyer could help an individual file their claim within the alotted period of time.

Economic Damages for Car Wrecks

Economic damages generally provide compensation for economic costs or expenses such as medical care. Additionally, a front-end car accident victim may collect compensation if their accident renders them unable to work for any period of time. Such compensation may include:

  • Back pay for any missed work
  • Lost earnings potential for future inability to work
  • Compensation for everyday living expenses

Additionally, if they are unable to return to their former occupation as a result of the accident, an accident victim may be able to collect damages to compensate them for lost earnings potential. A Lakewood front-end car accident attorney could provide a full review of possible economic damages in any given situation.

Non-Economic Damages for Front-End Car Accident Cases

Non-economic damages usually compensate accident victims for injuries and losses that stem from physical injuries but are not economic in nature, such as pain and suffering and mental or emotional anguish. For example, an individual who is paralyzed from the waist down in a front-end car accident may have to change their entire way of life and suffer physically and emotionally as a result. Such a plaintiff could recover non-economic damages in a lawsuit.

The State of Colorado caps non-economic damages at $250,000, according to CRS §13-21-102.5. However, that same statute enables recovery of up to $500,000 if there is “clear and convincing evidence” justifying an award of non-economic damages. Additionally, Colorado law adjusts these damage caps based on inflation, according to CRS §13-21-203.7, which means these caps may fluctuate over time.

Contacting a Lakewood Front-End Car Accident Attorney for Assistance

A front-end car accident may result in serious damage or injury, even if your car’s airbags deploy and other similar safety features function correctly. Fortunately, depending on the circumstances, you may be eligible to recover legal damages as a result of your accident.

Get in touch with a skilled Lakewood front-end car accident lawyer if you have any questions about your accident. A qualified attorney could help you determine whether you could collect compensation to reimburse you for any out-of-pocket expenses. They could also file a legal claim on your behalf and represent you in court.

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