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Lakewood Side-Impact Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents can sometimes seem like an everyday occurrence, given how many vehicles may be on the road at any given time. Fortunately, many accidents are minor, but certain crashes—such as those involving side-impact damage—may result in more serious damage.

Give a Lakewood side-impact car accident lawyer a call if you were involved in such an accident. A skilled car accident attorney should be familiar with side-impact accidents and could answer any questions you may have. If retained, they could investigate your accident and help you determine if you want to file a civil lawsuit to collect damages.

Common Types of Injuries

A side-impact car accident generally involves one vehicle striking the side of another vehicle, where there are few, if any, “crumple zones” or other safety features to slow down the oncoming vehicle. As a result, side-impact accidents may be more dangerous than other types of accidents. For example, physical injuries that may result from a side-impact accident include:

  • Concussions
  • Rib fractures
  • Lung punctures or other types of internal organ damage
  • Spine injuries

A side-impact accident victim may suffer injuries from the actual force of an oncoming vehicle, as well as from being jostled in their own car. Injuries such as those mentioned above may be serious and should be treated immediately.

Potential Recoverable Damages

A person who is injured in a side-impact car accident may incur different expenses as a result of that accident. Accident victims may be able to recover medical costs and other expenses in a civil lawsuit, including costs associated with damage to their vehicle or personal property and intangible losses such as general pain and suffering.

State Laws on Lakewood Car Accidents

Anyone injured in a side-impact car accident has a maximum of three years to file a civil lawsuit to recover damages, according to Colorado Revised Statutes §13-80-101. This period generally begins from the date of the accident or the date that the victim discovered their injury. Any prospective plaintiff with questions about legal deadlines may wish to contact a Lakewood side-impact car accident attorney for further clarification.

Colorado Negligence Law

Many lawsuits based on car accidents involve a legal claim of negligence. In order to prove negligence, a plaintiff must generally show that the defendant exposed the plaintiff to unreasonable, risky behavior, which then injured the plaintiff. For example, a side-impact accident victim may be able to claim that another driver ran a stoplight and crashed into their vehicle, causing injuries.

The plaintiff would likely be able to show that the act of running a stoplight is the kind of careless behavior that a negligence claim would cover. A Lakewood side-impact car accident lawyer could provide more information on whether any specific case may include a negligence claim.

How a Lakewood Side-Impact Car Accident Attorney Could Help

Side-impact car accidents can be especially stressful since they could result in significant vehicle damage or personal injury. However, you should be aware that you have legal options to protect yourself. Specifically, you may be able to file a legal claim to recover compensation for any vehicle damage or injury you suffer.

To find out the legal options for your specific accident, contact a Lakewood side-impact car accident lawyer today. A qualified attorney could review the facts of your case and advise you on whether filing a lawsuit may be right for you. If so, they could represent you in court to be sure you have the best chance of collecting damages.

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