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Lakewood Car Accidents Involving Bad Weather Lawyer

In Lakewood, Colorado, it is common for roads to be subject to freezing. As the temperature gets warmer after a period of freezing conditions, the road is much more likely to crack. With consistent traffic, roads are destined to crack and, as a result, could prove to be hazardous for unsuspecting drivers.

If you have suffered injuries due to horrid weather conditions and are struggling to identify the party at-fault, it may be wise to contact a skilled accident attorney for help. A Lakewood car accidents involving bad weather lawyer may be able to provide you with the assistance necessary for presenting a convincing injury claim.

Anticipating Bad Driving Conditions

In order to anticipate any hazards or delays, drivers are encouraged to stay up-to-date with the Colorado Department of Transportation. If a driver must drive through horrid driving conditions, such as a snowstorm, they are recommended to be equipped with studded snow tires, having access to chains, and making sure their vehicle is properly prepared for the weather. It may be wise to drive a vehicle with four-wheel drive rather than rear-wheel drive and have tired with the appropriate tread.

Drivers should also be sure to follow all precautions and implement the use of caution in all their driving decisions. For example, if they know that the roads are wet or frozen, a driver should traverse much more slowly in inclement weather and leave more room between their vehicle and any vehicles in front of them. They should also be acutely aware of drivers in their vicinity by continuously using rear-view and side-view mirrors.

What to do a Following an Accident Involving Horrid Weather Conditions

Any driver involved in an auto accident should attempt to call law enforcement for assistance. By calling the police, it may be easier to identify the party at-fault. In addition, an individual should call someone for an emergency after making a determination about the passengers or drivers that were injured in the accident.

If possible, victims should try to take as many photos of the accident as possible and exchange information with the other driver. They should also try to speak with any witnesses who may have seen the accident take place. Once they have received medical assistance, victims should reach out to a Lakewood car accidents involving bad weather lawyer to determine ways to hold the negligent party accountable for the accident.

Dangerous Weather Impacting Assignment of Fault

In most cases, a common assignment of fault involves driving too fast for the weather. Regardless of what the posted speed limit says, if there is sleet, ice, and low visibility, drivers should moderate their speed to be safe under the conditions. Even if a road sign indicates the speed limit is 55 miles per hour, the conditions may warrant that they only drive 20 miles per hour.

Importance of Contacting an Attorney

It is highly beneficial for victims to retain legal assistance when trying to put together an auto injury claim related to poor road conditions. By working with a lawyer, you may be able to review evidence which could prove to be of great value for your case.

If you believe you have a case which may merit compensation for your injuries, you should reach out to a Lakewood car accidents involving bad weather lawyer today.

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