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Understanding Gainful Activity in Denver SSDI Claims

The Social Security Administration makes it possible for people who can no longer work to receive payment due to their disability. However, one of the primary tasks applicants are burdened with is understanding gainful activity in Denver SSDI claims. In order to gain a better grasp of this topic, it is important to speak with a legal professional about your case. Doing so could increase the likelihood of submitting an application without error.

What is Gainful Activity?

Significant gainful activity is defined by the SSA as the ability to work a 40-hour week at a job that pays enough income for the claimant to be above the poverty line. People are under several misapprehensions as to what qualifies for Social Security disability benefits. For example, some people assume that if they can no longer do the job they have done for 30 years, they qualify for disability. However, that is not true.

The standard under Social Security is that a person must be unable to perform any job in the national or state economy. For instance, a person was a plumber and they can no longer be a plumber because of a disability. The standard is not whether they can still be a plumber, the standard is whether they can perform any job.

Definition of a Disability

Disability is the inability to participate in substantial gainful employment. Individuals with a disability cannot work a 40-hour week and earn wages from that work. Gainful activity forms one of the threshold bases for determining whether a person is disabled. If a person can work a 40-hour a week in pain, they do not qualify for benefits. If it is impossible for a person to work a 40-hour week due to some sort of disability as demonstrated by medical records, they may qualify for benefits as long as they meet other criteria.

Factors Taken into Consideration When Determining Disabilities

One of the requirements for disability is whether the person has enough credits with Social Security. They cannot qualify for SSDI if they have not worked enough years. If it is found that a person has not worked enough years, thus failing to accumulate enough credits, they would not qualify for SSDI.

Ability to Perform Exertion Heavy Jobs

Not all professions require workers to exert massive amounts of physical energy. For example, a person working an office job would probably not have the same responsibilities as a construction worker who must lift hundreds of pounds on a regular basis throughout the course of a working day. If the SSA finds that a person can no longer work a heavy category job, they would be evaluated for other types of jobs that would involve minimal exertions of energy. If it is found that a person cannot perform light-duty jobs or sedentary jobs, then it is likely that they would be awarded benefits.

Retain Legal Assistance Today

There are many confusing factors to bear in mind when applying for disability benefits. One of them includes the importance of understanding gainful activity in Denver SSDI claims. However, instead of trying to retain the complexities behind gainful activity, it may be wise to hire the services of an experienced attorney. With a lawyer at your side, your application may be submitted free of errors and you would likely reach a decision regarding your eligibility for benefits in a reasonable amount of time. For more information, schedule a consultation today.

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