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Denver Social Security Disability Payments

There are various reasons for obtaining social security benefits. Unfortunately, acquiring benefits is often a difficult task to undertake and many applicants are quickly overwhelmed by the intricacy of the process for acquiring such benefits. However, with the help of an experienced attorney, you may be able to obtain Denver Social Security disability payments. To learn more schedule a consultation today.

How are Social Security Disability Benefits Paid?

When a person is determined to be disabled under the SSDI or SSI programs after they applied for benefits, they receive a notice of a decision that the Social Security Administration believes the applicant is disabled. If the Social Security Administration determines that the applicant for disability benefits is disabled at a lower level or at the hearing level, an award letter is generated by Social Security to the applicant with their monthly benefit amount and the person begins to receive their monthly benefit.

When someone is represented by an attorney, Social Security sends their attorney and claimant a check separately. That means no money comes directly out of the applicant’s pocket when they hire an attorney. Hiring an attorney significantly increases the applicant’s chances for winning because the requirements for being determined to be disabled under Social Security are very rigorous. Many people believe they can go to the judge and explain the extent of their disability without understanding the strict medical requirements to prove that one is disabled.

Social Security Disability Insurance is based off the amount of money the person paid into Social Security and their number of dependents. For SSI, the claimant receives an amount as determined by their indigency.

Difficulty Level of SSDI/SSI Application Instructions

Applying for benefits requires massive paperwork with specific deadlines. If any deadlines are missed, the person must start over again and reapply. One needs to have a familiarity with Social Security regulations and laws to successfully navigate the system. If an individual is not familiar with the Social Security laws and regulations, it is difficult, if not impossible to navigate through the system.

Are Social Security Disability benefits taxed?

Social Security disability benefits may be subject to tax. However, most recipients of disability benefits do not pay taxes on them because they do not have much additional income. Social Security benefits are taxed after they become retirement benefits and many people are not aware of that.

Benefits of Retaining Legal Help

The Social Security Administration is making a more thorough review of everyone who applies for Social Security disability benefits. Claimants who think they can successfully apply for benefits because they believe themselves to be disabled are woefully unprepared for the obstacles they are up against. A considerable amount of paperwork must be completed by the deadlines. The chances for somebody with an overwhelming claim for disability are greatly reduced if they do not retain an attorney and assemble evidence to support their case. To learn more, schedule a consultation today.

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