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Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits in Denver

For those living with a disability, obtaining social security benefits is an essential component of their lives. Unfortunately, not everyone has these benefits, making life incredibly difficult for those who need it. If you or someone you know is having trouble filing for social security disability benefits in Denver, be sure to get in touch with a compassionate SSDI attorney. A lawyer could help you gather the documents needed for obtaining benefits.

Where to Go to File for SSDI Benefits in Person

When a claimant contacts the Social Security Administration, in the process of taking information from the claimant, the representative for Social Security would ask for their address and zip code. The representative would then inform the claimant where the closest Social Security Office is located and schedule an appointment at that office for them.

One of the main advantages of filing in person is that the claimant would be able to bring their doctor’s records, and other necessary information, and present them in person to a representative. A representative can quickly review the contents of a person’s medical records and accurately gather any relevant information needed for a person’s claim.

How to File for SSDI Benefits Online

Those looking to file for SSDI benefits online can visit the Social Security site and go through the prompt or do a query about applying for disability benefits. This is a convenient option for claimants who find it difficult to leave their homes due to a disability. For more information about filing for social security disability benefits in Denver, reach out to an experienced legal professional.

What is Form SSA-16-BK, Application for Disability Insurance Benefits?

Form SSA-16-BK asks for basic information about the claimant including their Social Security number, whether they are male or female, their date of birth, the city, state, and country in which they were born. Other information includes whether they have used other Social Security numbers, were in the military, have a living spouse, whether they are entitled to a pension, and other information which would update Social Security upon their qualification for disability benefits.

Meeting with a Healthcare Professional Before Filing

A person should be meeting regularly with a healthcare professional regardless if they are filing for SSDI benefits. If a claimant becomes disabled and they do not see a doctor about the disability for years until they are required to go to a hearing about their disability, they may have jeopardized their chances for obtaining disability benefits.

The claimant needs to be regularly seeing a doctor or other authorized health care provider from the date of the onset of their disability. Follow up appointments might be essential in order to have a longitudinal picture of the disability, the progression of the disability, the abatement of the disability, and the specifics of what is happening with the claimant’s disability during the period they are waiting for a determination by Social Security.

A Lawyer Could Help One File for Social Security Disability Benefits in Denver

When filing for social security disability benefits in Denver, you are giving yourself the opportunity to obtain these benefits successfully. An attorney could inform you about the most effective ways of getting in touch with the Social Security Administration and what information you should have ready for them to review. If for whatever reason you are still unable to secure disability benefits, a lawyer could review your case and advise you on your next legal action.

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