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Qualifications for Supplemental Security Income in Denver

If you are looking to obtain supplemental security income and do not understand the criteria you would have to meet to acquire such income, it may be best to work with a knowledgeable attorney who has experience in dealing with such applications. Not only could a lawyer shed light on the necessary qualifications for supplemental security income in Raleigh, but they could also help you review your application in order to minimize your room for error. To find out more, schedule a consultation today.

Common Qualifications for SSI

A person who qualifies for SSA but does not have enough credit accumulated in their work history with Social Security should meet the qualifications for SSI. If the person is indigent, which means essentially they have no income, they do not have any money or very little in any bank accounts or stocks or bonds, they do not own a home, and even their car is a very low-value vehicle, would meet all basic qualifications.

Role of Marital Status in SSI Applications

Marital status is often evaluated when trying to obtain SSI. In addition, Social Security would also look into household income. While the claimant without a spouse may qualify for SSI, if the claimant is married to a spouse who earns over a given level of household income, that would affect the claimant’s ability to qualify for benefits. To learn more, sit with an attorney to see how this nuance may affect a potential case for SSI.

How Does the SSA Define Accountable Income?

Normally, when most people go to work for an employer, the employer is required to deduct money from the employee’s paycheck and send it to Social Security. Through that process, Social Security monitors the claimant’s contribution to the Social Security program and is able to determine the claimant’s income and credits. Most people who work for employers would receive one credit for every quarter they work and contribute income from their paycheck.

To qualify for the alternate program which is SSDI, the claimant needs to have accumulated essentially five years of work out of the last 10 years’ time. If the claimant falls under those five years of work within that 10 years’ time, they may qualify for the SSI program rather than the SSDI program.

Impact of Income on an SSI Application

A person’s income, in terms of how many credits are provided to Social Security, could disqualify them for the SSI program. On the other hand, it could qualify them for the SSDI program. It would depend on their work history and whether they have access to their work history. Under such circumstances, it is important to obtain an attorney to help guide the claimant into the appropriate program for that particular claimant. There are also circumstances where certain employers are able to opt-out of payments for Social Security because they opt into another program.

Income Commonly Disregarded by the SSA

Any income where money is not deducted from a claimant’s paycheck and submitted to Social Security would not be acknowledged for purposes of Social Security. Consequently, self-employed individuals often find themselves in a situation where they have not deducted money from their own pay to contribute to the Social Security program.

These individuals are often surprised when they become disabled and find out that they do not qualify for the SSDI program because the Social Security Administration has no record of any income. At the same time, they may not be indigent, so they would not qualify for the SSI program either.

Consult with an Attorney to Learn More

Obtaining SSI benefits is never easy without the help of an attorney. By choosing to work with a lawyer, you are not able to process your application in a timely manner, but you may also be able to decrease the likelihood of having your application delayed due to any unforeseen circumstance. To learn more about the qualifications for SSI in Denver, schedule a consultation as soon as possible.

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